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Professor Amber Zabini

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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2004|12:24 pm]
Professor Amber Zabini
I'm aware of what a horrible time of year this is for you students. Leaving old friends, moving onto scary new places, making decisions about your life, studying. Believe me, I know. But it's all rather exciting too.

And, as your career advisor, any questions about iniversities/careers/your future in general can come to me. So I'm making this post for that purpose. Bring me your queries here, or feel free to make a date when we can talk about it in person.

` Amber Zabini.
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Colleges. [May. 27th, 2004|06:07 am]
Professor Amber Zabini
For all those who are interested, teachers from the following colleges will be speaking in the Great Hall tomorrow at midday:

Satsobek University in Egypt
Kalfou Academy in Haiti
Verdandi Finishing School in Norway
Mezti University in South America

Attendence to this is not going to be forced. It's all your own choice.
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Ravenclaw/Slytherin: Be warned [May. 11th, 2004|09:43 am]
Professor Amber Zabini
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |*Every You, Every Me* by Placebo]

In the next week I'll be posting up the pairings for your Defence Against the Dark Arts assignment. There will be no changing your pairings after this is done so if you have anything that needs to be noted, talk to me now

That is all.

- Professor Zabini
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2004|10:21 pm]
Professor Amber Zabini
Alright, so I'm not sure what exactlly has happened to the Slytherins. does anyone feel like informing me or will I have to snoop?

I'm a slytherin remember. I'm good at snooping.
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Attn. [Feb. 12th, 2004|02:54 am]
Professor Amber Zabini
[mood |calmcalm]

Would Professor Lupin and Professor Snape care to join me this weekend on an expedition to France? There is a teaching conferance you would both be interested in I'm sure. Besides, isn't it nice to go to France for the weekend?
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(no subject) [Jan. 22nd, 2004|11:07 pm]
Professor Amber Zabini
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

What a day!

I had no idea how exausting teaching was! I wish I hadn't been such a pain to my teachers whilst I was at school, because this feels like some sort of karmic revenge. After hearing some horror stories, I was glad to find the Slytherins showed me a modicom of respect. Some sort of house pride one assumes. Odd to think that my children were among them not so many years ago, and now they're gone. But then, we all lost loved ones against Voldemort. I do not presume my case is any worse than anyone elses. But then, I find I was never allowed to grieve for my son or husband publiclly. Fallen Death Eaters are, of course, not to be cried over. But I did cry over them. They were people I loved for a long time.

Oh, this has gotten off topic. I was trying to write to say that I had an excellent day. I did not mean to drag any of these dark thoughts into it.
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First entry. [Jan. 20th, 2004|05:25 pm]
Professor Amber Zabini
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]
[music |Howard Shore]

Well, I’ve finished unpacking everything into my room and looking around it’s quite a shock. I hadn’t really ever expected to be back at Hogwarts. And yet here I am. Even odder than that is the fact then when I look around the teachers table, it’s as if I never left. What are the odds that I would find myself here with Severus Snape and Remus Lupin, my old schoolmates.

Rather serendipitous, one feels.

Although, I would not have given Remus a second look at school. I pride myself on the amount I’ve grown since being that stuck up teenage girl. But then, we all did things in our past we’re not proud of, I assume.

My first class is in two days and I’m hoping that it will go well. It will be Slytherins and Hufflpuffs. Ah, Slytherins, my old housemates. I do wonder how much has changed among their ranks. Those deeply imbeded traditions and such. I don’t think they will ever change.

Enough of this then. There’s things for me to get ready before Thursday.
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